Clean Air Tech – domain research

I’m going to start a new position as project manager @ Airboxlab, I really liked the team, philosophy, and way of work in the company, so I decided to join in.

I’m going to read a bit about cleantech and clean-air-tech to learn some in advanced and I’m doing it before I’ll start to work there so I won’t expose any inside data, business or technical or any data that hurt the company, a good business plan never rely on secrets but anyway…


The importance of domain knowledge is that it’s the base of everything that happens on the technical side and that’s the potential to do staff much better.

So, let’s begin.

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Git essential

My brother start a really great project. I’ll link to it when he’ll finish if he’ll approve.

But he told me that he lost a few day work because he doesn’t got any version control…

So I decided to write another git essential post, first to make sure everything is clear to me, and second to try and help others …

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