Raspberry pi, cpuminer, and Minergate

erangoldman@gmail.com, 26 January 2018

I got a bunch of raspberry pis that just sits there …
So why not to let them mine some coins …

  1. Install raspbian
  2. Open minergate account
  3. Start mining 🙂
sudo apt-get install automake autoconf pkg-config libcurl4-openssl-dev libjansson-dev libssl-dev libgmp-dev make g++ git screen
git clone https://github.com/tpruvot/cpuminer-multi
cd cpuminer-multi
./cpuminer --help
-a cryptonight -o stratum+tcp://xmr.pool.minergate.com:45560 -u [your_user_name]
<to exit screen press ctrl+a d

Have fun and millions of coins …