Build yourself personal show off private server, 09 August 2018

I want to write a post for those who want to make personal show off server, or as it called today CV platform.

TLDR – a full server with your own git repo, website, and playground
For as low as 5$ a month.

The server will have :
Web server/ Blog – Nginx
Private git repo – Gogs
And an app based on node.js


We’ll start with the server :
Use the link :
To start a droplet at digitalocean, This link is my referral link, it’ll give you 2 months free and if you’ll stay after those 2 months I’ll get 2 months free

After you logged in click on create at the top right


Than choose:
Ubuntu, 5$ machine, London, add new ssh key, one droplet, name and click create


Let it finish, And then you can ssh into the server using your ssh key



apt update
apt install -y nginx nodejs npm unzip

Install WordPress for the blog


cd /opt
# you can go to to find the last version of gogs
tar -zxvf linux_amd64.tar.gz
rm linux_amd64.tar.gz
crontab -l > /tmp/gogs
echo "@reboot /opt/gogs/gogs web" >> /tmp/gogs
crontab /tmp/gogs

Node.js app:

mkdir -p /opt/myapp
cd /opt/myapp

Build your app there. Make sure your app runs on port 3001 for the Nginx proxy

Edit the nginx default end point

vim /etc/nginx/sites-available/default

Download and start the CV page:

cd /var/www/html/
rm index.nginx-debian.html
cd OnePageResume
mv * ..
cd ..
rm OnePageResume/ -r
vim index.html


You can add or change any component, Just add it and redirect the Nginx proxy to the right port

make sure to redirect your domain with all the subdomains to your server and redirect git.[yourdomain].tld to port 3000 Gogs
and app.[yourdomain].tld to port 3001 node js app
and blog.[yourdomain].tld to the blog folder
and all the rest to the default CV page

Good luck.
And if you need help or support email me.